mask making machine/fruit facial mask maker/mask machine

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mask machine
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                              mask making machine/fruit facial mask maker/mask machine




juice mask machine product promotion brochure 

Mask machine market potential

In recent years, a variety of mask by derivative, online shopping channels, such as mask has become the fourth largest cosmetics consumer goods. From 2001 to 2009, the mask is to protect skin to taste the subclass, among the highest in the growth of a growth rate as high as 31%. Face film market sales in 2010-2015 showed a trend of sustained growth, total retail sales of the market is expected to reach 13 billion - 30 billion yuan.


The benefits of the mask for a long time


1, moist

The wet mask on the face, the mask is the skin of material in the tightly wrapped, make the skin with the surrounding air Yin is separated, let the water slowly penetrate the skin cutin layer, let the cells in the moist environment "drink enough", make the deep cells absorb sufficient moisture, so that the skin will be soft, increase flexibility.

2, promote the circulation

At the same time, "the quilt on the shop" on the skin surface, will warm up, capillaries expand slowly, and accelerated the deep skin blood microcirculation, increase the skin vitality of each layer of cells to alleviate fatigue state of the skin.

3, whitening

Apply face can be broken down for a long time the coalescence of the melanin of skin, protect tender skin, have various lipid deep natural ingredients vitamin C, can remove melanin, prevent the formation of dark spots.

4, detoxification

In the process of doing facial mask, skin surface temperature was increased, can make pore expansion, promote the secretion of sweat glands, so it is advantageous to the contamination in the pores of dust, chemical pollutants and microorganisms to remove the outside world, also is beneficial to eliminate skin cell metabolism waste and accumulate too much grease class material, make facial sebaceous glands open, prevent the formation of acne, comedo and acne.

5, wrinkles

Water type surface apply on the face, slowly forming a thin film after drying, slowly put the skin in the process of the moderately tightened, increase the tension, forming a good stimulation, make the skin wrinkles on it. Small wrinkles out of sight, large deep wrinkles seem small, the face appear younger.

6, deep clean

Actually apply face is clean the skin of the cleanest way! Because it can completely clear away the dirt in the wool stoma, lead, mercury, toxin, etc., absorb skin too much alkali production and has mild, convergence pores relieving effect.



Play the part of the artifact - navier juice mask machine, multi-use! A variety of functions:

Safety mask, create your own

Play the part of the artifact, navier juice fruit mask machine nine product functional features:

1. The juice slag separation, authentic, juice rate is as high as 92% above

2. Adopt spiral squeezing technology at low speed, low speed of 50 r/min, the greatest degree guarantee juice taste

3. The pomace can also be made from natural fruit and vegetable mask, natural moisture

4. The film of face of ultraviolet disinfection, remove harmful substances, effectively protect skin health

5. Use 3 reduction dc motor at low speed, quiet work, long service life

6. Digital display, man-machine dialogue, intelligent control, more intuitive operation

7. To adapt to a variety of vegetables, fruits, used widely and conveniently

8. Have over current, over temperature multiple protection function, safe and reliable

9. The motor can be positive and negative two-way rotation, stuck, but automatic cleaning at the same time, it is more convenient to clean


Function characteristics:

1. Multi-usage, fruit juice yield more than 93%, also can do face film

2. Raw juice, small molecules, nutrition is more easily absorbed by the body

2. A variety of fruit flavors mask DIY, apple, pear, cucumber, orange, no longer a mask to the dark

3. Safety mask make face film by ultrasonic treatment, then through ultraviolet irradiation sterilization, use more secure

4. The body's automatic cleaning, after using, use reverse cleaning functions, automatic cleaning the body


 Fruit facial mask:

Step 1: use the machine configuration by special mixing cup pour 80 ml boiling water (pure water),

2. Add in mask machine 40 ml freshly squeezed juice (or other fruit juices),

3. Apply mask while stirring dedicated collagen capsule (two) pour fruit juice and water

4. The stirring time is about 80-80 seconds

5. Then the solution evenly into the mask mold, after about 30 seconds into the mask machine, press the mask button.

6. Five minutes after work time, there was a face mask machine di, you can apply the fresh fruit juice whitening and repairing mask!

Video demo link:

Cucumber mask


Material cucumber, water boiling water 80 ml, open the collagen capsules two stars,


Suitable for the object Especially suitable for the summer sun after skin and final phase of qiu dong skin moisturizing

Method of use Use after cleansing, rinse after use, after skin care products

Using 10-15 minutes Use cycle 2-3 times a week

The effect Cucumber is one of the important material, beautiful skin to moist degree off high beauty products, at the same time also has a whitening effect

Tip: cucumber contains trace amounts of vitamin C, beta-carotene and a small amount of sugar, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients. Cucumber as popular weight-loss and cosmetology ", "has long been favored by people.


Apple mask

Apple, water to boil 80 ml, collagen capsules two stars

Suitable for the object Especially suitable for the summer sun after skin and final phase of qiu dong skin moisturizing

Method of use Use after cleansing, rinse after use, after skin care products

Using 10-15 minutes Use cycle 2-3 times a week

Effect of apple fruit acid, can make skin moist, white, still can eliminate acne, freckles and dark spots

Tip: apple is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and natural sugar, are of great help to the skin


Carrot mask



Materials carrots, water to boil 80 ml,


Carrots contain beta-carotene, anti-oxidation and whitening skin, also can remove excess cutin of the skin, acne skin of oily also has a calm soothing effect, egg yolk and honey to have moisturizing the skin effect. And in addition to the beta carotene, it also contains antioxidant cannot little, vitamin E, to improve the role of acne. Carrots contain beta-carotene can inhibit uv damage to skin, effectively prevent skin wrinkles and sagging phenomenon, but also can increase the skin's blood circulation, make skin more ruddy. Carrots contain beta-carotene, anti-oxidation and whitening skin, also can remove excess cutin of skin, to greasy blain blain skin also has a calm soothing effect.


Milk mask:

Material: 40 ml, pure milk boiling water, 80 ml, collagen capsules two stars


Milk contains rich milk fat, vitamins and minerals, natural moisturizing effect, and easy to be absorbed by skin, can prevent dry skin, and can repair the dry lines. Milk not only provides a lot of nutrients to your skin, it is the enzyme can also play a role of calm calm, effectively relieve allergy of skin cells.


The fuselage size:  300*180*450mm 

Power: 200W

Speed: 50 RPM